Virtue Planet

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About Us

Virtue Planet was conceived and written by Nan-Lynn Nelson and is a line of children’s books and CDs teaching them about virtues. This amazing character education program taps into every child’s creativity and imagination to teach them the proper tools for growth and development.

Nan-Lynn Nelson

Nan-Lynn Nelson is a writer, actor and creative spirit. She sees the power of creativity in everything, animate and inanimate. Nan-Lynn believes everyone is a creative spirit who holds their own unique talents, passions and abilities. It is through these beliefs that she developed Virtue Planet.

Nan-Lynn has been a writer and actor for over 25 years in New York City. She debuted on Broadway in 1979 as the role of Nikki Kay Kane in Runaways. She has been featured in numerous Broadway shows, including Open Admissions and Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.

Nan-Lynn has also performed in many television commercials, industrial films, live events as well as nighttime and daytime episodic television shows, including The Bloodhound Gang, Hot Hero’s Sandwich, All My Children, Law and Order and The Cosby Show.

As a playwright, Nan-Lynn has been a finalist in the prestigious Susan Smith Blackburn international women’s playwriting contest in London for her play Leaving Watermaine. She also won an artist-in-residence position at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center where she developed another noted play, Enemy of the B.R.E.A.D. Her other titles include The Unfamiliar, A Swanka’s Revolution, A Town Called Witness, See Me, A Time for Nobility, The Remembering and Baliwick.

She is a published poet in national publications and has worked as a story editor for Harry Bellefonte’s film production company. She has done extensive script analysis for several film companies including New Line Cinema. 

Nan-Lynn has written several children’s stories including The Girl With the Giggling Hair and Delaney Diction Master. She is also a program developer and director of Performing Arts Programing for children and youth which focus on character development and academic curriculums.