Virtue Planet

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Journey to Virtue Planet

Virtue Planet teaches children the importance of various virtues through a line of interactive storybooks, CDs and sing-a-long books. Virtue Planet is an amazing arts and character education program that encourages growth and development in children.

The main concept of Virtue Planet is the belief that everyone is a creative spirit with their own unique talents, passions and abilities. By tapping into a child’s creativity, it will open up their willingness to want to learn and discover more about the world. Virtue Planet attempts to tap into that creativity in all children and teach them about virtues, such as courage, respect, confidence, determination, modesty, love and many more. Virtues are the barometers for how we treat one another and ourselves. By teaching children about virtues, we are giving them the tools to make the right choices for themselves and set examples for others as they grow and develop.